Certify the Value of Diversity and Improve Performance Across your Business

Certification is the most credible way to demonstrate excellence and drive continuous improvement for better financial and community outcomes.

Companies that prove a responsible approach to diversity, equality and inclusion issues will gain a vital competitive edge and build confidence in its clients, investors, local communities and consumers.

Diversity and social responsibility has risen to the forefront of company concerns. Openly communicating diversity and social accountability can build trust and support ONLY if the stakeholders are confident that the information is accurate in representing the company’s social, environmental and ethical performance.

  • GDA is the only organisation in the diversity field that may issue diversity Seal and certificate with the Global Accredit logo as a valued symbol of sustainability and trust through GDA single exclusive global partnership with Accredit Global.
  • GDA offers third-party certification based on the Accredit Global Frameworks, the conventions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on discrimination against women, and the UN Convention on discrimination against persons with disabilities.   This also includes the National legislation – non-discrimination, equal rights and equal opportunities.
  • GDA certification assist your organisation in meeting the diversity requirements of the Diversity and Sustainability Reporting Globally under the United Nations Frameworks.

Our Third-party assurance system and accreditation gives confidence our customers, investors and stakeholders that the company has diversity processes in place and working long-term with a diversity management system.   We provide an outside view of your organisations ability to consistently satisfy customers needs in the area of Diversity and Inclusion Aspects and constantly improve the interface with community engagement.

We are currently operate across via our independent audit partners in more than 100 countries, GDA offers international and local expertise with our success based on a close working partnership with clients and stakeholders.